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Product listings

The first step to writing effective product listings is to research related keywords. Including high performing keywords in product listings helps customers find your product. We can help you with keyword research. We can also write optimised product detail pages. Most PDPs (product detail pages) on Amazon get more traffic than a brands own retail site, so it's vital to invest in high performing (i.e. top converting) product pages.


Amazon is famous for its reviews. Positive reviews have a huge impact on the visibility of products in Amazon’s search engine. As a result, there is now a huge problem of fake reviews. Amazon is clamping down on fake reviews and significant fines have already been issued for this behaviour. We can help you generate real reviews for your products and thus boost sales.

Operational capability

In order to operate at scale, Amazon has developed sophisticated, automated logistics systems. They closely measure every aspect of seller behaviour, including stock levels, shipment timings and much more. They use this data to score sellers. We know what it takes to operate a tight ship when it comes to Amazon operations. We can train your team to avoid the common pitfalls and ensure operational excellence.

Ad strategy

Search advertising is one of Amazon’s fastest growing business units. Amazon’s ad platform lets you create and manage ads. It’s important to know which types of ads to create and how much budget to put behind them. The key is to spend smartly. We’ve developed a number of techniques to do this and we’ll share them with you to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

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